Lyall Rogers Obituary, Member Of Werribee Bowls Club Inc Has Died

Lyall Rogers Obituary, Death – It is with profound sorrow that we bid farewell to our esteemed member, Lyall Rogers, who passed away on the morning of Sunday, March 3rd. Lyall was an integral part of our club, contributing his time, skills, and dedication for many years. Lyall Rogers was a stalwart member of our club, dedicating countless hours to its betterment. His commitment was unwavering, and he served in various capacities throughout his tenure. From organizing events to mentoring newcomers, Lyall’s contributions were invaluable, leaving an indelible mark on our community.

A Pillar of Support: Lyall’s presence and guidance were a pillar of support for our club. His wisdom and leadership qualities inspired many, and his kindness touched the lives of all who had the privilege of knowing him. Whether it was offering advice or lending a helping hand, Lyall’s generosity knew no bounds, enriching our club in immeasurable ways. As we mourn the loss of Lyall Rogers, we reflect on the cherished memories and experiences we shared with him. His passion for our club and unwavering dedication will forever remain etched in our hearts.

Funeral Arrangements: While we grieve his passing, we also celebrate the legacy he leaves behind—a legacy of camaraderie, service, and friendship. Details regarding Lyall Rogers’ funeral arrangements will be communicated to all members in due course. In the meantime, let us honor his memory by continuing the work he held dear and by upholding the values he embodied. Lyall’s spirit will continue to guide us, inspiring future generations to uphold the principles of our beloved club.

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