James Patrick Obituary, Keri Jones Pays Tribute

James Patrick Obituary, Death – With heavy hearts and tearful eyes, we share the somber news of the passing of James Patrick Marmiduke Aloyuisious Howard, affectionately known as Jim Howard to many. His peaceful departure from this world, beside the woman he cherished for over 63 years, leaves an indelible void in our hearts. Though his physical presence may be gone, his memory will forever illuminate our lives.

Remembering Jim’s Legacy

Jim Howard was more than just a father; he was a pillar of strength, love, and unwavering support for his family and friends. His enduring love for his wife, spanning over six decades, stands as a testament to the profound bond they shared. Together, they weathered life’s storms and celebrated its joys, creating a lifetime of cherished memories.

A Life Well-Lived

Jim lived a life filled with love, laughter, and profound moments of joy. His kind heart, gentle spirit, and warm smile endeared him to all who had the privilege of knowing him. Whether offering words of wisdom, sharing stories of days gone by, or simply lending a listening ear, Jim’s presence brought comfort and solace to those in need.

Gone but Never Forgotten

Though Jim may have bid farewell to this earthly realm, his legacy of love and compassion lives on in the hearts of those who loved him dearly. His memory will forever be a guiding light, offering solace and comfort in times of sorrow. Though he may be absent from our sight, his spirit remains ever-present, reminding us of the enduring power of love.

Rest in Peace, Dad

To our beloved Jim Howard, may you find eternal peace and serenity in the arms of angels. Your love, laughter, and legacy will forever be etched in our hearts, a testament to the remarkable man you were. Though you may be gone, you will never be forgotten.

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