Ch’ng Jit Koon Obituary, Ong Ye Kung Has Passed Away

Ch’ng Jit Koon Obituary, Death – Mr. Ch’ng’s legacy in politics spanned over two decades, where he served as a Member of Parliament representing Tiong Bahru. His dedication to public service and commitment to his constituents earned him respect and admiration across the political spectrum. As an MP, he worked tirelessly to address the needs of the community and advocate for positive change.

Leadership in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Beyond his political career, Mr. Ch’ng made significant contributions to the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In 2001, he assumed the role of founding chairman of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB), a position he held for six years. Under his visionary leadership, the TCMPB achieved remarkable milestones that transformed the landscape of TCM in Singapore.

Advancements Under Mr. Ch’ng’s Guidance

During his tenure, the TCMPB accomplished various pivotal tasks. It successfully facilitated the registration of acupuncturists and TCM physicians, ensuring that practitioners met stringent standards of competence and professionalism. Mr. Ch’ng spearheaded the implementation of a registration qualifying examination system, ensuring that practitioners were equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to serve patients effectively.

Under his guidance, the TCMPB published the Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines for TCM Practitioners, reinforcing ethical standards and promoting integrity within the profession. Additionally, Mr. Ch’ng played a pivotal role in elevating the local TCM training standards from diploma to degree level, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation in TCM education.

A Lasting Impact

Mr. Ch’ng’s leadership and vision left an indelible mark on both politics and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His unwavering commitment to public service and dedication to advancing TCM will be remembered fondly by colleagues, practitioners, and the community alike. As we reflect on his remarkable contributions, we honor his legacy and strive to uphold the values of integrity, compassion, and excellence that he embodied.

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