Benjamin Harouni Obituary, Beloved Doctor Has Passed Away

Benjamin Harouni Obituary, Death – The news of Dr. Benjamin Harouni’s senseless murder at his dental practice in San Diego has left us heartbroken and outraged. The brutal act, perpetrated by one of his patients, Mohammed Abdulkareem, has shattered the lives of Benjamin’s loved ones and the community at large.

A Life Cut Short

Dr. Benjamin Harouni was more than a dentist; he was a beloved member of the community, known for his compassion and dedication to his patients. His life was tragically cut short, leaving behind a legacy of kindness and professionalism that touched the lives of many.

A Commitment to Education and Advocacy

Benjamin’s commitment to education and advocacy was evident from an early age. As an inaugural member of the StandWithUs high school internship program in 2012, he demonstrated a passion for promoting understanding and tolerance. His involvement in initiatives aimed at fostering dialogue and combatting hate served as a testament to his unwavering commitment to social justice.

Confronting Media Bias

In the wake of Benjamin’s murder, media outlets have attempted to dismiss the shooting as a result of mental instability, a narrative that all too often diminishes the reality of hate crimes against Jewish individuals. The reluctance to acknowledge the hateful motivations behind such atrocities perpetuates a dangerous narrative of denial and erasure.

Remembering Benjamin’s Legacy

As we mourn the loss of Dr. Benjamin Harouni, we must confront the uncomfortable truths surrounding his death and reject the narrative of silence. His memory serves as a reminder of the urgent need to confront anti-Semitism and hatred in all its forms, and to strive for a world where all individuals can live free from fear and discrimination.


In honoring Benjamin’s memory, let us stand united against bigotry and intolerance, and strive to create a world where every individual is valued and respected. Though his life was tragically cut short, his legacy will continue to inspire us to stand up against hate and injustice. Rest in peace, Dr. Benjamin Harouni, your light will continue to shine brightly in our hearts.

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