Senators propose new legislation to restrict journalists’ access to the Senate floor. Find out the reason

A pair of proposals that were submitted to the Mississippi Senate at the end of the previous week had the potential to remove reporters from the Senate floor as well as their office locations within the Capital. On the other hand, there are legislators who do not believe the bills will ever be approved.

In an interview with the Clarion Ledger on Monday, Senator Kevin Blackwell, a Republican who represents DeSoto County, stated that he submitted the legislation because he is of the opinion that members of the media should be restricted to being on the floor of the Senate for a period of thirty minutes before and after sessions, but they would still be able to cover the chamber from the gallery.

In his own words, “I’m tired of talking to a colleague on the floor and turning around and having someone from the press two feet away from me or having a camera stuck in my face,” Blackwell said. “I’m tired of it.” We have a lot of staff members who don’t even have places to sit; they have to stand. However, we have a lot of action that goes on, and the press can participate in all of that while also being up in the gallery and not miss a single thing.

Both Senate Resolution 3 and Senate Concurrent Resolution 511 would change the regulations that are currently in place in the Senate. They would remove the press from the floor, but they would not remove them from the gallery. Additionally, they would reallocate the press office spaces so that they are distributed evenly between senators and representatives.

According to Blackwell, “In this day and age, with the technology that is available, (reporters) are doing all of your stuff on laptops and iPads and other similar devices.” In light of the fact that elected legislators are required to meet with constituents and conduct their business in the hallway, I just do not see the need for you to occupy such a large amount of office space.

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